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The Advantages Of Adding A Roof Hatch To Your Converted Van

You have likely witnessed all the Instagram buzz around van life. Have you invested in your own van to convert? This gorgeous vehicle will be your mini home for the road, so you should be taking the time to carefully implement all the features and amenities that will make it more like a home. Among all the other choices about floor coverings and a place to sleep, there are functional elements to be added as well. One functional element to consider adding to your converted van is a roof hatch. Take a look at some of the advantages of adding a roof hatch to your converted van before you head out on your first adventure. 

A roof hatch gives you added ventilation as needed. 

The inside of the van is not all that large, so heat can accumulate quickly and even things like odors can get trapped inside. A roof hatch gives you an extra door that can be opened to allow the breeze to flow through your home for the road. At night when you do not necessarily want to sleep with the doors or other windows open, a roof hatch can be opened to give you ventilation without compromising your privacy or safety while you are asleep in the back of your van. 

A roof hatch gives you the advantage of natural light. 

The back of a van may have a few windows, but it can depend on what type of van it is that you bought to convert. Something that may have previously been used for business purposes may only have windows on the back doors and nowhere else, which can mean you do not get a lot of natural light. A roof hatch with a clear door will give you that added bit of natural light during the day so you don't have to rely on lanterns or solar power. 

A roof hatch is simply a cool thing to have. 

Imagine lying in bed at night in the far northern regions of the country. The sky is crystal clear, and you get a good view of the stars and even get to witness the Aurora Borealis. If you have a roof hatch, stargazing is totally possible in your van at night. These hatches can be made out of crystal clear acrylic so they act much like a window, and they can be ordered in custom sizes. 

To learn more about your van life options, contact a retailer that offers products like the Tern Overland.

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