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Tips For Buying A Tonneau Cover When You Have A Tool Box

It's common for a pickup truck owner to have a tool box mounted in the bed of the truck, immediately behind the cab. Contractors almost always have this tool box, but it can be a valuable feature if you simply want a dedicated space in which you can keep certain items you're carrying secure. If you have a tool box and you want to buy a tonneau cover for the bed of your truck, you'll want to visit an automotive accessories supplier that is known for its large inventory of tonneau covers. Here are some tips for buying a tonneau cover when you have a truck tool box.

Measure Carefully

Truck beds are many different sizes, and it's generally easy to find a tonneau cover that will properly fit your truck bed. This process becomes slightly more complicated when you have a tool box, however. You won't want to buy a conventional tonneau cover for your size of truck in this scenario. Instead, you'll want to measure the length of your truck bed and subtract the size of the tool box from this figure. This will leave you with the length from the tool box to the tailgate, which represents the exposed part of the truck bed that you need to cover with your tonneau cover

Consider The Best Color

Truck owners often buy black tonneau covers or choose covers that are the same color as the paint of their truck. When you have a truck tool box, you'll need to think about colors a little more carefully. For example, if your truck is red and your tool box has a stainless steel finish, you might realize that a black tonneau cover adds a third color and simply looks too busy. In this scenario, it can make sense to choose a tonneau cover that matches the look of the tool box as closely as possible.

Choose Retractable

Pickup truck tonneau covers open in several different ways. While there are advantages to each method, you'll generally find that a retractable tonneau cover will be your best choice when you have a tool box in the truck bed. A retractable cover will slide open to provide easy access to the truck bed without interfering with your ability to access the tool box. Other tonneau covers, such as those that swing upward to open, can partially obstruct your path to the tool box. Visit an automotive accessories supplier to shop for a tonneau cover and other truck accessories

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