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A Guide About DPF Regeneration Solutions for Diesel Engine Owners

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is one of the most important components in the modern diesel engine. This filter is responsible for filtering out any particulate matter before it gets circulated through the fuel system where it can cause problems and lead to untimely fuel system failure.

Usually, your diesel vehicle will be outfitted with an indicator light that lets you know when your DPF filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. However, you can also utilize DPF regeneration solution to clean out the filter. If the cleaning solution is not a familiar idea to you, you are bound to have a few questions about this seemingly simple solution for a frustrating issue. 

Does DPF regen solutions actually clean the filter?

DPF regen solution can actually clean the filter, but the extent to which the solution is effective can depend on the severity of the issue. Usually, the cleaning solution is recommended for minimal filter debris only. Therefore, if the filter has a lot of particulate matter embedded, it may not remove all of the particulate matter from the filter.

How does DPF regeneration solution work?

The solution is specially formulated to break down the particulate matter so that it is readily dissolved into the diesel fuel. Once the solution is added, you will need to either drive or rev your engine for a certain predetermined period of time and to precise RPMs to push the cleaning solution through the DPF. During this time, the solution will infiltrate the DPF and the matter that is present and start to break it down so that it can be "digested" by your engine in a normal manner just the same as the diesel fuel. 

Is it better to use the solution or have the filter professionally cleaned or changed?

Using DPF regen solution periodically is a good way to give the filter a good cleaning without having to take the engine to a mechanic or manually have to remove the filter for cleaning or replacement. Therefore, using the solution can prolong the time between service visits. If you already have a warning light on stating the filter needs attention, you can try the regeneration solution to see if that does clear the problem. If not, your filter may have already accumulated too much matter for the regeneration solution to break down. In this situation, you will have to get the filter tended to professionally or do so yourself. 

Learn more by contacting companies that sell DPF regen solution.

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