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5 Ways To Better Use Promotional Products At Your Car Dealership

Promotional products are a must-have for many businesses, including car dealerships. But it's not enough to just order printed keychains or air fresheners and expect more sales just because you're handing them out at random. Planning a comprehensive deployment strategy makes the most of ever dollar you spend on promotional goods. Work these five ideas into your plan to increase the number of new customers and sales your dealership gets.

Hand Out Air Fresheners

First, choose an inexpensive but valuable item that is car-related to hand out to complete strangers at community events and when your salespeople are going about their daily lives. Promotional air fresheners printed with your dealership's logo and name are ideal because they're one of the most affordable promotional items. However, they're also highly useful and last quite a while. The longevity of a promotional item matters because single-use items will be thrown away before they can act as a reminder of your brand. Since an air freshener will hang in a car for months before losing its scent, you're guaranteed to get a lot of visual time out of each item.

Add Items to Sold Cars

Promotional air fresheners, tissue boxes, tire pressure tools, pens, sun visors, and more are all great gifts to give a recent customer driving away in a new car. Sort your items into kits for each car, then designate a team member to stock the cars after they've been purchased and before the new owner drives away. It's a great surprise that makes the customer feel valued since you've gone to extra lengths just to make the sale special. The cost of all these items can be less than $10 when you're buying in bulk, making a new owner's kit a worthwhile investment for both the promotional value and customer satisfaction.

Include Them in Test Drives

Don't wait until someone has committed to purchase a car to hand over some promotional items. A test drive is the perfect time to make a gift of a promotional air freshener because you're leaving the customer with a reminder of the car they've just driven. When they hang the air freshener in their current vehicle, every glance at it or whiff of its fragrance will result in the memory of the test drive returning. You can't beat those kinds of reminders since they're coming from the customer's own mind rather than an external source like a text message or email, which can annoy some buyers.

Send Them to Customers

Small and lightweight promotional items, from pens to air fresheners, are ideal for drawing existing customers back in to visit for maintenance or routine service. For many dealerships, these routine and recurring visits provide more profit than new car sales. It's always nice to receive a gift in the mail instead of just a request for your patronage, and sending along promotional items helps remind customers that they need an oil change or inspection every time they use them.

Print Reminders

Finally, consider making the promotional items themselves a direct reminder of the maintenance needs of a vehicle. Since you're already deciding what kind of design to print on the product, there's plenty of opportunities for adding reminders about mileage intervals or other timing considerations for service. Promotional printers can offer you all sorts of customization options for increasing the use value of items with creative printing and design tricks. For best results, choose an item like an air freshener that the customer will see every time they climb into the car. Items that are rarely used are less valuable as a reminder tool since months can pass between uses.

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