accessories to protect the interior of your car

Avoid Getting Lost Or Being Stuck Alongside A Road While En Route To A Campground

If you are planning on driving your sports utility vehicle to a campground that is located deep in the woods, do not get lost or being stuck alongside a road for long lengths of time, by utilizing the following tips. As a result of your efforts, you may remain confident that you will arrive at the campsite at the predetermined time that you chose.

GPS Tracking Device 

A global positioning system will provide you with detailed directions throughout the road trip. Before purchasing a GPS, inspect wired and plug-in models to determine which device provides you with the features you desire. For instance, some models are designed solely for navigation purposes. Other types may include additional features such as hands-free capabilities, traffic updates, and a list of geographical landmarks that you will pass while en route to your destination.

If the device that you purchase needs to be installed through your vehicle's dashboard, it is a good idea to have a mechanic assist you so that you do not damage the GPS or any electrical components in your vehicle.

Cellphone, Two Way Radio Device, And List Of Contacts

Purchase a portable battery charger for your cell phone and place it and the phone inside of a weatherproof pouch before storing the pouch in your vehicle's glove compartment. Visit a radio retailer to view two-way radio devices that are in stock. Request assistance from a salesperson before making a purchase.

When speaking to a salesperson, describe the distance that you would like the radio to reach so that you are able to contact someone through the device if you encounter an emergency that requires roadside assistance. A two-way radio can be a lifesaver if your cell phone does not receive a signal while you are in the woods. Write a list of emergency contacts and place it on the passenger seat of your vehicle so that you can refer to it as needed.

Tune Up, Tool Kit, And Emergency Rations

Hire a mechanic to inspect your vehicle and provide it with a tune-up right before you leave for the camping trip. Fill a durable container with tools, including a screwdriver, socket wrench, canned air, rags, and any other tools that you may need to use if you experience a minor automotive problem that needs to be repaired.

Pack plenty of non-perishable food items and beverages inside of a waterproof bag. If you encounter rough weather and need to pull over or if your vehicle runs out of gas or is involved in an accident, you can satisfy your hunger and thirst while waiting for an emergency responder to arrive. 

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accessories to protect the interior of your car

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