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Staying Clean And Staying Safe - Advantages Of Hydrophobic Auto Glass Coating

American culture has long been defined by the freedom and possibilities that lie on the open road, but those freedoms come with a great deal of responsibility. Vehicle owners may be aware of common maintenance tasks, but supplemental tasks such as coating your auto glass can be just as important. Staying informed about those supplemental options will make you a much more responsible car owner.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of installing hydrophobic coating on your auto glass. This specially designed coating will repel water, dirt, dust, and a variety of other potential irritants, leaving you with a clean car with glass that will have maximum safe visibility.

Clean Appearance

Very few things are more frustrating than feeling embarrassed by the cleanliness of your vehicle. Unfortunately, even if you stay on top of frequent car washes, some climates have so much dirt, dust, and other pollutants in the air that your glass will seem to attract mess. Auto glass coating can assist with this.

Hydrophobic coating will allow the vast majority of particulate matter to blow gently off of your windshield before water allows it to set in and leave stains. This will guarantee that your windshield wipers will work to their maximum efficiency and your car will maintain its shine even through intense usage.

Decreased Glare

In very bright climates or during parts of day when the sun shines directly in your eyes, an untreated windshield can be very difficult to deal with. Bright sun shining through and creating a vivid glare can be extremely uncomfortable and can put you at risk of accidents caused by a limited field of vision.

Hydrophobic glass coating will also add a layer of color and sun protection to your windshield that should decrease the effects of glare. The shadows created won't make it more difficult to see in low light conditions, but are certain to shield your eyes from their biggest challenge.

Water Repellant

As suggested by its name, hydrophobic glass coating is of course extremely efficient at deflecting water away from your windshield. If you live in a climate with frequent intense storms, this can be extremely useful in terms of maximizing your wiper efficiency and enhancing your visibility during driving rain. Also, for vehicle owners in very cold climates, the hydrophobic coating will discourage the formation of ice and frost and will make cleaning off your car on bitter winter mornings a much easier process. Contact SML Window Tint for more information.

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accessories to protect the interior of your car

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